Sometimes It's Hard To Tell Lyrics

The Mike Mcclure Band

Camelot Falling

Lyrics to Sometimes It's Hard To Tell
Sometimes It's Hard To Tell Video:
Time is ticking, off the clock
I'm stuck between concrete and rock
My soul is burning, like the center of the sun

And I believe, in that road less traveled by
Sometimes I walk it, sometimes I let it slide
Those times I'm sliding, I don't like what I've become

Take a look in that well you call your soul, boy
Are you in heaven or are you in hell
Sometimes it seems that you've been, living by the word
But sometimes it's hard to tell

We make our prisons, up in our minds
The key is always something that we just can't seem to find
The door is wide open, all you have to do is just walk right through

And I've seen oceans, in the eyes of my daughters
They make me want to walk upon the water
The bill of righteousness, it must always ring true

Repeat Chorus
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