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Vigilantes Of Love

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Lyrics to Something To Hold On To
Something To Hold On To Video:
If you say goodbye
If you say so long
Is it a commentary on all that I've done wrong?
See, I've weathered disappointments
At times I have been used
If there's any meat left on the bone, girl, it's there for you to chew

You can take every inch of rope
Climb your mountain in the blue
Just leave me a little something I can hang on to

I'd love to take you in my arms
That might be too cruel
I'm out there dodging feeling and a bullet meant for you
I should let you walk out freely
I have no claim on you
I should exercise compassion
I don't really want to

Nicodemus had his questions
Thomas had his doubts
We have not been left in the dark to work the whole thing out
This clinical environment
To believe is just to fake
I would thrust my hands inside the wound if it will bring you all to faith

I will boast in my brokenness
Revel in my defeat
I will let you kick my ass if it's what you need from me
See, pilgrims without weapons sometimes get nailed to a tree
They use no anesthetics, but the surgery's guaranteed
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