Something Special Lyrics


Hood Politics 7

Lyrics to Something Special
Something Special Video:
Featuring Ea$y Money
Prod. By Statik Selektah

Something special
Something special
Back to that shit
Something special
Termanology, Ea$y Money and we still showin off

I fill squirt guns with liquor and shoot it down bitches' throats
Check my timeline, all you see is different quotes
And I spit the most artistic different flows
Give yo sing unless it's have er doing different notes
Whether you sit and coach, so you sit in first class
I cut yo girl man, I gave er the worst gas
Just stole a bird bag, credit cards and the cash
I take Xanax, smash em up them bloody panny pass
That boy Danny bad and that boy Eddie nice
Try and be two faced and get beheaded twice
And shread it right in front of your jealous wife
Son you better slow up fore you step on my yellow flights
From flight club, should be in the Fight Club
Prime time and all of that but I'm in the night clubs
Stackin up dames with nice butts who might crush
And we iced up so most of em getting hyped up
Runnin to the bathroom, lipstick, hair check
Focusin on their check, so we broken their neck
I'm something special, DJ's want me on their deck
Now they burning up, man I hope you got a spare set
I be bare chest, walkin round the telly, wail on my celly rock
Choppin, sellin pot, getting gwap
They say I'm backpacked, underground but I'm high
I say I'm up there with Biggie, L, Pun and Pac

Something special
Special right here
Something special
The way it was meant to be man
Well it ain't for everybody
Something special
Some off yall meant to play the bench
Pay yo dues man, Ea$y wuddup?

This that show off dynasty, yea we the tour to God
Still bring you that real hip-hop shit we immortalize
Round table with my goons planning your demise
Hand him before the file, send him on a slaughter job
My niggas is sure to ride, you accidently thrown in the alley
Oops, you would think he caught er live
It's a parent, like it bring you life
Homie you can dye like a single dice
Rather not, see I'm tryna get the family to pop
Spit line for that big time, gram easing gwap
Static came here to rock, I don't shoot the mist
Corny rappers I school like a group of fish
She with them fly gangstas, handsome G's
Fuck you pay me, too many, you gon have some G's
As far as rap go I'ma be your savior
That's why they Haiti like I'm DR's neighbor
This is easy

Something special
We showin off over here for no reason
Something special
Termanology, Ea$y Money, Statik Selektah
I don't need to like say my own name anymore
It's on half the records in yo fuckin iPod
Something special
Fuckin weidos, what were doin with a kid?
What were you doin with a 17 years old?
Wutchu do when you come home from school?
What are you doin now?
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