Something of Love Lyrics

Ivy Mairi

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Lyrics to Something of Love
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Trying, trying hard to figure out things
Things, before they even happen
Will they ever happen?

Something of love is inside me trying to set the course
But good sense it always gets me, pulls me back to shore
That we cannot know the things we haven't seen before
Is something of love that I know

Trying hard, it's hard to understand them
Why can't a couple just be separate sometimes?
Why can't she still be my friend?

Something of love points to the lineup at the door
Tapping me on my shoulder, I didn't get the joke
If my name were James McCutcheon I would throw a bow
There must be something of love that I know

The chance that I might not get a baby
It's been on my mind lately
Oh it's in my family

Something of love I feel for someone who's unborn
Toddler tugging on my shirtsleeve asking me for more
Cradle rocking by my bedside gently to-and-fro
Is it something of love that I'll know?
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