Something New ((Double Fault)) Lyrics

Tennis Elbow

15 - Love

Lyrics to Something New ((Double Fault))
I'll start believing in something new
Cause I'm pretty sure that you're leaving soon

Who's to say
That this was all a waste of time
Your hand enclosed so tightly around mine
Songs I fell apart to
You're the one who cut my heart loose
And is taking it half way
Across across the States with you

I'll stop trying when you say you will
I'm only crying cause I love you still

Who's to say
That this was just a waste of time
Used to kiss me in your car at red lights
All alone we used to
Say we were watching cartoons
Hold my heart close to you

I'll go looking for someone new
Looking for the same love I found in you

Who's to say
This was all a waste of time
Your hand was once so tightly around mine
But now you're whole states away from my reach
I hope you find the time to remember me
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