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Lyrics to (Something Like) An Introduction
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I've been falling up for years
but I've been nervous in this skin until now
and you don't complicate a thing
and I don't mind, I hope you don't mind

I can't sleep until your call
and I know that you're home and all right,
and I can rest these bloodshot eyes
and you can say goodnight, I'll see you tomorrow, dear

It's not that I'm uptight
my chemical balance may not be one hundred percent right
So dry your eyes, we'll be all right

I've been having these strange dreams (these strange dreams)
where I'm losing all my teeth, I looked it up
Seems I'm lacking in the sack!
I can't do a thing, I guess I'll just wait it out

It's not that I'm drugged up
Captain's just a friend to help me overcome
But I'll be fine, so let's just laugh and smile
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