Something Inside Of Me Lyrics

Wicked Wisdom

Wicked Wisdom

Lyrics to Something Inside Of Me
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(Verse 1)
Darkness comes, his haunting
Eyes whisper her unworthy demise
His weakness peels away her skin
Consoles his illness deep within

Violated little girl
It's just enough to hate this world
A big body betrays the young
and steals her from her loving

Something inside of me is pissed
something inside of me could throw
a 10,000 pound fist.
Something inside of me is so incensed
something inside of me could break
that muthafucka's neck...

(Verse 2)
Strangled virtue, shallow holes
whisper this hate within my soul
to kill a man who dares to be
the bringer of these vicious deeds

children die from hands
that feed the sickness of one's
darkest needs, evil will not be erased
in any woods or secret place

I don't want to be alone with this x4
Songwriters: SKELLY, JAMES
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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