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Lyrics to Something In The Air
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Something in the air
Something in the atmosphere
I hope you're prepared
Cause you gon' love it here
Something in the air
I know you felt it from the moment that you landed
I know you knew it from the moment that you felt that sky
And I know that it's hard for you to understand it
I hope you ready now cause we'll be up all night

Ride down the block cause the spot is just starting
The women, the liquors is bout to get hot
Imma open a tab and then get me a shot cause I'm feeling like shit's 'bout to pop

(Something in the air)
And I been peeping it in
Vice City time to get busy when the season begins
Oh, excuse me, the season's never seeming to end
So grab a friend and let 'em know I ain't quit
That we got (something in the air)
And it's too damn catchy
So when you come to visit, please come and get at me
The women up in here are like Venus de Milo
[?] to the chest and they are showing their thighs so
We line up at the bar to get in (slam it)
If I don't even notify my kin (damn it)
I think that I could probably get you in to the palace of the sin
Ah, it's happening again it's (something in the air)
And nobody's complaining cause even here the visitors are practically famous
The liquor flow free, and the Devil's contagious
When a place outrageous, I dare say it's (something in the air)

Something in the air got me all right
It's sex mixed with a little vice
Best thing's free if you pay the right price
Yeah, hope it's cool, we'll be up all night
Because it's something in the air
City's alive
We up in here trying to have a good time
Fuck a dress code, wear what you like
We gon' work all day, so we can play all night
And yo there's something in the air
She's so excited, asking me if all her friends invited
Hit the DM and they all sliding
Tryna have a little fun, before the sun start shining
On the streets soaking up my eyelids
No sleep, lost track of time and
Everybody just be glad we riding
It's the reason we alive, Thank God cause it's something in the air

Tell me do you feel that? (X 6)
Come on!

This is how you rap
"hey, hey, hey"
*beatboxing continues*
"hey, hey"
("You should say something to him")
"Hey, Uncle Bernie"
"Twenty two emails"
"Hi, bye, bye bye, Birdie"
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