Something I Can Hold in My Hands Lyrics

The Smith Street Band

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Lyrics to Something I Can Hold in My Hands
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Stories from southern explorers tell of vastly open skies
all I can see is sweat and concrete so I avert my eyes
they put scaffolding and warning signs on the things we used to climb
they put fences around fences and told us to stay inside
we enter city nights wide-eyed like lambs to the slaughter
and around every corner someone's son's putting hands on someone else's daughter
and the fisherman catch chemicals their boats fill up on rain
we fill up on things we can't explain
and we laugh as we trickle down the drain

I grew up not to far from here but now nothing's the same
curiosity is killing me as my nine lives turn to eight
we have nothing we have love and we share each other's pain
I have plans for me and you and our lives are gonna change
my father is a hero so I follow in his path
and despite endless words of wisdom sometimes I live to see her laugh
when I was young I wanted to destroy everything I made
now I'm old and I am jaded but at least I'm not the same
and every inch of me is always itching unless I'm on a stage
I have years that pass like minutes for the plans that I have made
to flourish to fruition and all my debts will get paid
and we live and breath and want and need
and now I'm smiling when I wake
for the first time in my live I'm smiling when I wake up and

All I ever needed was something I can hold in my hands
and here it is

All I ever needed was better timing and plans all I ever needed was someone like you
and all my life I've known this is exactly what I should do
and I can sit in my own skin and I've never been as happy as here
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