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Feargal Sharkey

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Lyrics to Someone To Somebody
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I have no use in waking
Sleep walking is all I do
I was no-one to nobody
'Til the day that I met you
What good were all my dreams
But endless fantasy?
Just a heart that had no laughter
'Til the day you came to me
Then I looked into your eyes
I knew that love had come to me
So I held out my hand as I opened my heart and said
Darling please

I wanna be
Someone to somebody
And that someone is you
Don't you wanna be
Someone to somebody
Then be my someone too

Oh what good was all my freedom
With my heart tied up in chains
Though I claimed free expression
There was no way to explain
That I was filled with feelings
No-one to show them to
What I hadn't known was that all along
I had saved my love for you
Now my days are so much warmer
And my nights no longer cold
'Cause you looked at me
And you held my hand and said
Darling I wanna be
Songwriters: Kane, Daniel Andrew / Torrence, Michael / Jones, Geraldine L. / Gordy, Thomas M.
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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