Lyrics to Someone New
Someone New Video:
The eyes of a realist can not be blinded
Crossing paths with the motives behind them
If memory serves you all discarded me
You're not my friend so don't pretend to be

The smell of vomit invades my dreams
A reminder of what I'll always be
One who stands alone in the fight
Keeping victory in my sights

Trade my one ideal for a loss of faith
Memories again erased

So let's line the way to happiness
And drown the pain
Look to this if nothing else
I'll remain the devil's advocate

As a child life died in front of me
20 years and still left with nothing
So what could you take from me?
With nothing to lose there's no grieving

In my eyes the world is a waste of life
You're all made of shit, not worth my time

A victim of sorrow all these years
A victim of all those i hate
One failure after another
The time has come to vindicate


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