Lyrics to Someone Like You
Someone Like You Video:
(Verse 1) I?ve always known you?d be that special one who took my heart and do like no one?s ever done I come to terms and face reality that you?re my lover girl and you belong with me (Pre-Chorus) Now that you know I can?t wait any longer you?re a part of me that keeps getting stronger and it?s because of you that I feel the way I do since I met someone like you (Chorus) There?s only someone like you can make me feel the way I do you?ve open all the doors and you make me feel brand new someone like you can make me feel this good cause I?ve been waiting here for you for someone just like you (Verse 2) I?ve always known your love would be this way you give me hope and then you changed the rain away I?ll climb the mountains girl for you to see there?s a place for us that?s deep inside of me (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus 2X) (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus 2X)

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