Lyrics to Someone Is You
Someone Is You Video:
I remember the days
Before you entered my shores
I was strong in my ways
Had my own to live for
I was invincible
Or so it would seem
Until I lay down my head
And woke up in a dream

I could harness the skies
I could fly without wing
But if you looked into my eyes
You could read everything
An image of unity
In the face of alone
Always challenging fate
If only I had known

That I needed someone to believe in me
When I don't believe myself
Someone to have faith in me
When I lose faith in someone else
And I need someone to speak for me
When an answer is due
Someone, that someone is you

Undiscovered and strange
These emotions so bare
But with each sign of change
Something always stood there
The need for a hero
A delicate clue
Didn't know I was lost
Until I found you
And all I need is someone to pray for me
When I haven't a prayer
Someone to breathe me life
When I'm gasping for air
And I need someone to love me
When forever is through
Someone, that someone is you
Someone, that someone is you
Someone, that someone is you
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