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J Minus

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Lyrics to Someone For Everyone
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she dressed in black
the color she preferred
it represented darkness
misrepresenting her
but that was the girl she wanted you to see
the truth is always deeper than the surface scenery
underneath was a girl I'd been waiting to meet
intriguing by being herself and no one else
sweet like kandie I dare not taste
too afraid she would lay me to waste

she would always say
love is just a game
and I won't be there for you
you don't want to stay
love is such a waste
I don't want to face the pain that it creates
no we could never mean anything to me
we could never mean anything to me

I would rather be alone she said
with a grin full of lies and confidence
our conversations were a one way street
but I listened
never missing a word
with hopes I could help her
there's a someone for everyone on this earth
a girl for every boy and a boy for every girl
you will know it the moment you look in his eyes
emotions running wild
she laughed at me in disbelief
said that I was living in a fairy tale dream
she was just too young to understand
and her bitter ways were here to stay
but I loved her anyway

so many times
they crossed her lines
and she lost faith in most of mankind
maybe it's me
and I'll never understand
but if you don't have hope
then what do you have?

last time I saw her
she was in love
with a boy from Ohio
out of denial
she climbed down from cloud number nine
to whisper three words:
"you were right"
she had found someone who never let her down
disposed of all her doubt and understands what she's about
as I felt the tears collect in my eyes
if she found hers
maybe I'll find mine
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