Somebody's Gonna Die Tonite Lyrics


Heaven Or Hell

Lyrics to Somebody's Gonna Die Tonite
Somebody's Gonna Die Tonite Video:
(feat. Wish Bone)

Somebody say yeah (yeah)
Somebody's gonna die tonight, gonna die tonight
Say yeah (yeah)
Somebody's gonna die tonight, gonna die tonight

[Wish Bone]
If it's like that, fuck that give 'em what they want
Let 'em feel that, pap pap, throw him in the trunk
Bye bye and you can die, and so can I
If you wanna live just walk on by
Some don't make it
Bone Thugs, nigga what better show some love
Originators of that shit, you can't fuck with
I got my dollars, you got your dollars we can ride
And it ain't about money, we can all get high
Shut 'em down, make em feel it come around my way
Shut 'em down, you don't really wanna come and play
The thug shit I spit, I live
I'm a real thug nigga, put it on my kids


We tear the club up all night
Spit that raw shit to make the rowdy thugs fight
Wreck cars like rock stars
Recognize the backstreet creeper
Ready for war my partner Wish got the street sweeper
Shut it down, hit the ground run for cover
Unforgiven smash hip hop clutch burn rubber
California spot us on the low up in the Hyatt
No phone calls just thick broads no ??? for satisfaction
Hit the block for action
High paced, no escape, stomp out with duct tape
Heavyweight drink yak straight to my chest break
Marinate leave it to the golden state, dumpin'


Tryin' to keep my composure
Off the Henn' and the Doja
A step closer I'm goin' over
But I can't fold the street tactics when I roll
Equipped to explode if you don't know then Mo'
Floss got the Yak, Wish in the cut
I only roll with villians that's down to give it up
Accumulatin paper, but twenties raw shit and major
A lot of bustas talk the talk, but ain't got the heart to start it
Leave bodies spread apart in-
The city where I come from
Leavin broads tongue struck
Messin with my money, get wrapped like a mummy
Make ya nights sunny too much heat
Bless the streets

[Chorus: til fade]
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