Lyrics to Some Say
Some Say Video:
There's that star the one they said we'd never reach
And just close your eyes
There's the missing moon there's the milky way
Heaven's straight ahead we'll be there today
Rainbows right and left sunshine everywhere
If it couldn't be baby how did we get here
Some say we'll never get if off the ground
Some say we'll never make it out of town
That someday we'll end up a world apart
And some say we're a couple of crazy kids
And some say that's exactly what they did
And I say you got to go with your heart
And baby look where we are

There's that home the one they said we'd never share
And just close your eyes
There's the picket fence there's our mailbox
Puppy on the porch and roses up the walk
Shinny minivan kids in every seat
Someday we'll look back and see it wasn't just a dream

Repeat chorus


Repeat chorus

Some say oh oh
Some say some say
Some say yes they do some say
Oooo oooo oooo oooo
Some say some say some say yeah
Some say some day some say

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