Some Salvation Lyrics

Die Young

Surival Instinct

Lyrics to Some Salvation
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Feel the love because you need
a reason to persist
feel the love even if
it doesn't exist

cast down into this world unknown
half-aware and dreadfully alone
determined to make sense of this sphere that spins

the pious man wakes again
content so long as he's convinced
there are higher powers watching over us
and why should i disagree?
we all want to live meaningfully
how unfortunate--the numbers don't add up

whichever path you follow--faith or science
it's all so hollow
rest assured we're spiralling toward our dusty end

so entertain your fucking selves
with delusions of significance
as if this universe makes perfect sense...

whichever path you follow--faith or science
it all lacks reason
once you taste the fruit of eden there is no going back...

feel the fucking love
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