Lyrics to Some Peoples Like That
Some Peoples Like That Video:
So many different Flavors for variety Smooth in the mixing Fixing a hole for myself To be sitting Never slipping Cause I'm like that It's not my choice It's my voice so despite that I'm living in my own time For my sign My signal Won't mingle I could still dig other keys On the ring All together now Some people Never satisfied Can't be I've seen it Got what they want But still want more I mean it Some people Don't get nothing And they want even less Some confess and some stress What's going on Some people is like that Dig the eyes here it all goes down The eyes because a glance caught skittish That means we missed this Chance to dig each other Another bounce and then another Another Some people get scared From situation that presents a tension Then they wonder about events Not mentioned Some people like to look just like each other Some can't never be clever And some people think they're better Some people got attitude Backed up with attitude People got to prove That they could groove To be smooth Rude shit is dumb Some people Quite chill laid Some people make noise Some sit spart stick With my boys Shut up man just listen to the music I used it I'm like that Some people is like that

Songwriters: Dutton, Garrett
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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