Lyrics to Some Other Day
Some Other Day Video:
When I come to school every morning, I know the kids will laugh at me Just because I'm different it's hard for them to see. I wish I could take homeschooling so I not a wicked flogging. If I'm ever treated with disrespect I'm going to depect. Chorus: I'll try to get you back somehow how as soon as I find a way! I'll wait till tomorrow. I'll do it some other day, some other day someother day some other day! I'll make you pay! Some other day! I'm known as a loner. I don't have any friends I sit by myself all times and try not to make time bend. I wish I wasn't mental. I wish I wasn't dumb. But all I think of is to say I'll make you pay some other day! Chorus: Why am I always beat up? Why am I always hurt? I've been stripped of my clothing and torn of my shirt. These stupid morron fags! How come they just can't see The way that I feel and all that's happened to me! Chorus: Just give me one more chance. I'll be sure to prove myself. If only they'd not robbed me of my esteem and my health. My time is almost up now. Don't hit me with that bat! My parents with charge and you'll be mulled by my cat Chorus:

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