Lyrics to Some Guide
Some Guide Video:
Anotha mis-communication there
Anotha re-contruction cuz I care
Whatever we may do or say
Sometime, someday
I'll go my way

I've got a new elation now
She's he best I ever had
No matter what she'll sing or play
I'll go my way

I live my life on a line, such a mess
And this has nothing to do with your "blessin"
I lost my soul and my pride(more or less)

But Some Guide someday will be my way
I've got a new connection now
She told me she needs me somehow
She wanna be a part of me...(no biggie 'till I stay)

I joined a new religion
Ain't got no mo' confusion
You solo have to give and pray,
But no matta how hard I pray
Sometime, someday,
I'll go my way
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