Lyrics to Some Fun
Some Fun Video:
Spend the daytime in the sun, spend night time at the club Some fun! Some fun!
We always have a laugh We're never holding back, some fun! some fun!
Cars lights flashing by running all around, I'm not gonna tell anybody, 'bout what i found
Someone gets in my way, There will be a fight but tonight I got my girl, and you know that's right
Another Nazi's coming around, lets run him out of town Some fun! Some Fun!
My girl with another guy, i gave him a black eye Some fun! Some fun!
Roadtrip with 20 guys, to another show, we got there and it was cancelled, wouldn't you know
All the people all of the beer, always worthwhile, When you're having a good time, you're always in
Sailing drunken through the town, run that old lady down, Some fun! Some fun!
Just when thought we'd won, she pulls out her gun, Some fun! Some fun!
Throwing bottles at cars, smash in their windows, Will I remember this tomorrow? Who fucking knows
All the girls that think they're great, they put on airs Do they have any brains, who fucking cares
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