Lyrics to Some Earthly Delights
Flushes playin' in the cocktails
Yarrows growin' green
Nature knows no circumstance
Only of what the weather brings

Leavin' feathers where we go
Followin' the breeze
Some days cold, some days gold
It's all a dream

The river shares a melody
The mountain sings a harmony
Moths and dragonflies, bumblebees
The rhythm of surf and sand

Let the cool clear water flow
Let your wings feel the air
Listen to what the night has to stay
It's like a prayer

In good time, I think we'll find
What we've always known
In a world, so vast, so strange
We are not alone
No straight lines, it's all benign
This grand design
Providence of myth and man
And me and you
It's all true and there's nothin' we need do
Clear as day and night
Loss pain, delight