Lyrics to Some Beginner's Mind
Some Beginner's Mind Video:
Well the moths have been fed, and the pirates pirated

Are things I left undone, as every day rolls on I lose them

At least your pressure to confusion

Was it something I read that's been doing in my head

What gives me palpitations, the implication of delusion

Or at least a problem of execution

So baby, claim that I'm not playing a role

Well maybe I'll play for someone else, sir

Your babies claim that it's a game for gold

Well, that's not the same as a claim for weath, sir

That's not wealth, sir

And at the moment, I'm trying to just find my beginner's mind, ah!

When the cop finally came, I was reading up on quit claims

So I had to think about it, as I begun to doubt it mattered

Nah, I'm so sick of feeling battered

'Coz we're not trying to change when you tell me that I change

and when I try not to change, well then you tell me that I do change

And there's not much I can change about that, sir

So baby blame it on what you been told, go blow that blame around Pell Mell, sir

If I'm ashamed of what I bought or sold, I got no one to blame but myself, sir

I'm to blame for my own bad health, sir

And at the moment, I'm trying to just find my beginner's mind, ah!

So do another year down the row, and that's not something I could help, sir

But if you tell me that I'm getting old, you better take a good look at yourself, sir

Yeah, take a look at yourself, sir

Coz at the moment, I'm trying to just find some beginner's mind, ah!
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