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Lyrics to Solipsist Letter To The World
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Where dying and loneliness speak the same language being on my knees no longer appeals to me. Your saviour walked away so who do you blame? And as you fade all this waiting becomes wasted time. 'Let's burn' I said 'as bright as we can!' - but did you ever agree? So there you stand with a smile as an excuse and an apology at hand. So there you stand. You've let your knives go dull and your guns rust. You're like me. Verdener ender med de lá¦ber pᥠmin hud. Hans rystende krop oven pᥠmin. Et suk fortá¦ller historien om et liv dá¦kket i sveden og tá¥ren. Hvor langt er tiden gá¥et siden vi har elsket sidst? En nat? Et sekund? Eller et liv? For mig fá¸les det som en evighed. 'It all amounts to nothing'. Now there is no rest in my sleep, no comfort in my dreams. Your body disappears right under my hands. Right under my lips your body disappears. These hopes lead nowhere. No reason to go on. But I still have my will to live. Live.

We live as we dream. Alone - Joseph Conrad

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