Lyrics to Solemn They Await
Solemn They Await Video:
Aftermath, with hazy ocular I realize I am back, sheltered now.
Irrational paranoia swallows me.

Suppress the delusion. My past gets mirrored when I'm there,
a clandestine zone, a place I fear. Can't recollect these memories
as things I have partaken in reality. A ruined focus a shattered
view, I am transparent, cut and bruised. Answers nowhere to be
found, what is this past I keep getting reminded of.

Dissonant, with tremblind hands I cover my eyes,
a touch of sense denied.

Bound by suspense It's suddenly clear, I'll yield to the edge of the
leaf thin steel. Fixated state on the artery, in the city of death I'll
find peace and it won't haunt me. Desperately cutting without
response, the blood keeps coagulate, refused by the reaper.

With fester disdain I stay, disharmonic signals, source unseen
A message I can't construe, a phantom cipher they speak.

This beacon I must find, it's alive rooted deep inside searching
for its light. I shall retort, hidden answers, I'll burn them every
bridge just to stop clutching at every straw, I walk their stride of
idle, death lurks everywhere, nowhere in my reach, refuge
depraved, solemn they await.

Irregular beats pounding me harder for each breath I take.

With discern as I ponder, origin of the pulsating strokes
Seduced by my own heart's foul language, a light there never was.

Solo: Karlsson

Falling deeper, time stands still as I fall
Stranded to taste the void.

Solo: Karlsson
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