Lyrics to Soldiers
Soldiers Video:
(feat. Eurogang)

I show my genitals
bitches blow like cannon balls
ey yo, deep in their souls gangstas know that im the bozz
i creep thrue the doors
with three hoes like santa claus
and you see g's on all fours like mobile telephones
salute to the king, selfmade, eurogangsoldier, big bozz,
kollegah der pimp, hustling in the streets
bitch i got more muscles/mussels than the seas(?)
flieg um die welt sorg selbst in indien für massenhysterie
ja, fahr bitches in den taj mahal
they touch my half errected dick
come back with machine guns, desert eagles, magnums and mac tens bitch
got more weapons than action films
more weapons than battleships
kollegah collects the shit
im into weapons like ammo-clips
rappin in a blue mercedes
cruisin thru berlin
the true german
pushin benz/bands like Lou Pearlman
sieh ich rauche blunts ball die faust haue punkbitches
dann nem haufen braungebrannter bitches schwanz in die fresse
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