Soldiers In Unmarked Graves Lyrics

Mary Jane Kelly

Marionettes - Demo

Lyrics to Soldiers In Unmarked Graves
Soldiers In Unmarked Graves Video:
As you can see these vultures circle patiently.
little do they realise that we're the ones we've been seeking.
the thin veil clouding our perceptions has been removed.
the voice of truth is hushed in the ears of the poisoned youth.
No longer will we be subsidies for your master plan,
we are the new generation baptised under this burning flag.
Ready the caskets cause we know we won't get out alive,
but not this time will our footprints be washed away with the tide.
We will be remembered as more than soldiers buried in unmarked graves.
We broke away and kept our dreams in arms reach
There's a war raging behind our eyes,
from the cuts that never healed, never bled dry.
Can you hear their screams behind me?
Can you hear our chains breaking?
Our minds are clear, we're now the vulture's most feared nightmare.
Soon enough the worms we built will feast,
on the decaying corpse of fear laying at our feet,
we will drag the skin of the defeated through the streets,
no longer will this be hidden in the back alleys of our city.
Our new war is not fought on battlefields,
it's fought in our minds, in the messages hidden between these lines.
There's no longer beauty in these empty sidewalks and silent streets
i'll find it in the hope buried beneath tragedy
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