Lyrics to Soldier
Soldier Video:
Keep stepping to the streets, yeah
Singing songs of freedom
With your heart upon your sleeve, yeah
So you never lose the feeling
One natural display of love
Or random act of kindness
A love for the little pieces
That make up what your mind is

Soldier, oh soldier
Keep stepping on
Soldier, oh soldier

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Out in the open
Love can leave you stranded
In the middle of the ocean
If you ain't swimming then you're drowning
Some days I sink like a stone
But that's alright ‘cause I'm moving on

Say goodbye to everything I know
Sit back, relax and enjoy the show
Love makes the wheels keep turning around and
Nothing's gonna stop us now
We come too far to have the second-guess
[?] I'm so blessed
From my hair to my toes and everything between
Love put a spell on me

Oh man it's so true
Make me feel like a soldier
I keep stepping on
Make me feel like a soldier
Love put a spell on me
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