Lyrics to Sol Solis
Sol Solis Video:
Take your hands away from your face
So I can see everything you are
And everything you used to be
You used to be to me
Something you don't wanna be, I know.

You, you're like the sun
And I am earth
Together we're one
But someday
Your fire will die
And I'll grow cold
Without sunlight.
And I will freeze, baby
I will die, I'd freeze, I'd die for you.

Things, they always die
Just give it time.
But we, someday we'll see
Our love will shine,
Our love will shine.

Your love wont fade, darling.
Lover, I cannot do this alone
Things like this are better off untold
Someday the sun will die and I'll grow cold
I hope someday your love finds it's way home.

(Cause you are the sun and I am the earth)
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