Lyrics to Soilent Green
Soilent Green Video:
have you ever thought about what it is that you are eating, possibly it was a living being like you with feelings too, and they feel pain and fear from their first day on this earth cause we treat them in a way that makes me feel ashamed that i am human, and don't you tell me that you knew about nothing, don't you tell me you believed what they say, if you really care you'll get information and if you don't there's nothing left to say, than: fuck off!!! don't talk about peace and freedom when you participate in this stupid shit, does it really taste that good? and why don´t you try some vegan food? You will see it taste that good. have you been inside a slaughterhouse? have you seen a chickenfarm? a dying pig getting kicked and beaten? a week old calf crying for her mum who get's raped till she is burned out... does it really taste that good?

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