Lyrics to Soil Of The Underground
Soil Of The Underground Video:
Like the beating heart of a love left for dead
it will always survive if only just in my head
cuz I'm not letting go until I'm letting go

despite the lack of lights to shine my way
and the hollow and venomous words you say
there is always something you won't know

there's more to life than numbers
a meaning more profound
those who are going under
will find new life - in the soil of the underground

the indisputable fire that burns beneath
the spirit that grows stronger from defeat
can never be traded for your greed

and once again your glorious fame-machine
has proven to be an engine for breaking dreams
but there is always new blood to bleed
some will never fall in line - some will never follow suit
they will stand on their own feet - they won't join in your pursuit
to define passion in digits and dollars
but we know
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