Soft Embalmer Of The Still Midnight Lyrics

Celestial Season

Solar Lovers

Lyrics to Soft Embalmer Of The Still Midnight
Soft Embalmer Of The Still Midnight Video:
[lyrics: Stefan Ruiters]

shutting with careful fingers
our gloom-pleased eyes
to walk through gardens of delight
we'll live in our dreams

this night, we'll live our dreams
our secrets will be sung
they slip away from your lips
into the sweating midnight air

you make our dreamscape
feel like falling
falling from the highest mountain
into a valley of green, soft leaves
gliding through this passing day

enshaded in forgetfulness
we create our ideal world
banished is the rage of yesterday
dawn falls for the morning to shine

awake, new-born, you fade away...
...for another day...
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