Lyrics to Soft-core
Soft-core Video:
(Musica: Edwood; Testi: Fabio Campetti)

I'm a flower blooming in silver fields
catching a bee like you, I'm skimming your bloody lips
at night I close my eyes and sleep
under the pillow I'm falling
living a soft-core dream
I bring you emotions,
I'm loving, looking into my heart ball
I'm telling the truth and waiting for,
I whisper, I see you: a dancer
more and more I stand for
I'm trying to clean the bad words
just easing, reflecting, amusing,
leaping on a stage and sing
standing on the edge and dance
me I take control, a soft-core dream, I want you to meet, I want you to meet me
then I will try to drive away my gloom,
to close my eyes
and, and sleep again, and sleep again, and sleep again
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