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son of alf

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Lyrics to Socially Awkward
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When I was young I was a sad little boy
Only made friends so I could play with their toys
When I got to their house I ignored them totally
Obsessed with their action figures that I could see
I never had any friends at school but two
If they didn't bring their Mr. T doll I pitied the fool
In first grade for some reason I was a popular little bastard
And I wouldn't talk to anyone who didn't own blaster master

It all started when I was just a little tot
Nintendo games influenced my every thought
Playing by myself was enough for me
That is why I guess I am awkward socially

When I hit puberty it all backfired
Girls weren't interested in how the technodrome was wired
When I got to high school it became even worse
I became a punk but I was still a nerd
When a talk to people I don't know my mind's a blank
It's as hard for me to talk as it is for Justin to skank
All the friends I have, I've had since grade school
That's ok with me because being a nerd is cool

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