So This Is Outer Space? Lyrics

Stephen Lynch


Lyrics to So This Is Outer Space?
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So this is Outer Space
What a lovely place
I can't wait to tell the human race
Hello alien will you be my friend
Wait there's something I can't comprehend
It's not outer space at all
I'm just at the mall
Holy shit I'm freaking out y'all

Your on acids
Your on acids
Your on acids

Oh that's right lets go to the arcade

LCD will keep me sane
Help me reach a higher plane
According to the spiders in my brain
Hey there's a girl I now
I should say hello
But her face is melting
Got to go
I'm freaking out again
Where's that alien
I need him to tell me that this trip will end

Your on acids
Your on acids
Your on acids

All the colors pretty colors

I met the devil he was at a Cinnabon
With a monkey named Ramone
Oh there was dancing on a seven headed snake
Man this acid's way to strong
Acid's way to strong

In a psychedelic state
Watch my pupils dilate
Staring in this mirror
For three hours strait
My reflection starts to glow
And says man it's time to go

Hey reflection please don't
Harsh my mellow bro
Oh there's that alien
Sir we meet again
I've got a tab of window pain
For you my friend
Take to much
You'll peak to soon
What a crazy afternoon
Me and the navy and our
Tripping balls to the moon

Were on acids
Were on acids
Were on acids

Got so left for the devil and Ramone
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