Lyrics to So They Say
So They Say Video:
So they say Captain Hammer's become a crusader
Political. He's cleaning up the streets (about time)
So they say that it's real love
So romantic (He signed this)

So they say we'll have blankets and beds
We can open by Monday thanks to you (Thanks to me)

It's the perfect story
So they say a hero leading the way
Hammer's called to glory
Let's all be our best (Next up, who's gay?)

So they say he saved her life
They say she works with the homeless
And doesn't eat meat
We have a problem with her (This is his hair)

This is so nice
I just might sleep with the same girl twice
They say it's better the second time
They say you get to do the weird stuff (we do the weird stuff)

This is perfect for me so they say
I guess he's pretty ok
After years of stormy
Sailing have I finally found the bay?

( He's still not picking up)

There's no happy ending
So they say, not for me anyway
Should I stop pretending

Horrible: stop pretending, Take the chance to build a brand new day
Penny: Or is this a brand new day

This is his dry cleaning bill
Four sweater vests
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