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Lyrics to So Now You Know
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Hit him with the "Bop Gun" one mo' time
Gotta get another nine, even though I'm "Color Blind"
Originator from the one-two created
in the sixty-nine, so break off mine
I don't believe in Santa, got a clip like a banana
And a deep-ass crew, so wave your white bandana
I went from 8 to Hennessy straight
on the rocks with the cherry floatin at the top
So tell your friends and your neighbors I kick the fla-zavor
The kind they don't sell at Alpha Beta
Yup that, underground gangsta boogie wicked ass lyrics
Creepin through the wall like an evil bad spirit
They hunt a nigga down like a hound for the crack
But watch your mouth and what you say cause something's wrong with this stezo
(Riiight) Girls shake like jelly when I jam
Kissin cluckers is for suckers and my name ain't Willy Spam
So get the shit straight, you got the peoples mixed up I see
Tryin to be a O.G. like me
I never fell for the okie-doke
He gotta get broke off for the dope he smoke
Use a gun and go to jail, oh what the hell
Don't ask who did the pig cause I ain't gon' tell
One-time think they slick, that's what they punk-ass get
for tryin to put me in a bag of Trix
Keep my eyes wide open, cause niggaz be smokin
ice, comin with them trick-ass dice
Don't go to the sto', without my fo'-fo'
Stop and give a dime to the wino
I knew I shouldn'ta done it but too late cause I was blunted
Feelin fine off the cheap-ass wine
Look way up the street, there he go
Black Superhero, rollin in his five-double-zero
Tryin to make a dollar out of fifteen cents
without one dime, just a nickel-plated pistol for the crime
Talkin about "I'll be back," don't get cracked
Cause they gon' stretch yo' ass so far you gon' see stars
Don't say I didn't tell you so, don't say I didn't tell you so
So now you know

Stop doin low for these project hoes
Bitch leave me the hell alone, you're burnin out my telephone chip
Stripped butt-naked from your hips
Never mind your blouse cause I'ma rock the house
On the edge of the bed, like I said
Put the head in your mouth until your ears turn red
That's how it go twenty-fo' it's a mo'
You already know
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