So Much For Everyone. Lyrics

Dan Mangan

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Lyrics to So Much For Everyone.
So Much For Everyone. Video:
as much as i'd like to go

to places i've never known,

scared shitless to leave home,

and i don't want to go alone.

i miss the rewarding gaze

of a friend from my younger days,

didn't mind 'bout my selfish ways,

as he died i was miles away.

i hope he remembers how,

as i do when i look back now,

though he'd bark at the slightest sound,

would not bite for he knew not how.

and sometimes it's more than clear,

when morning comes early here,

and i know that the day is near,

wasted days make for wasted years.

now i'm vicious with appetite,

sobering half a mind,

dripping with stolen wine,

awoken by something i dreamt.

harboured by everything i have been witnessing.

postcards and daydreaming

get less embarrassing.

after the day is done,

i will be on the run -

so much for everyone, so much for everyone.

the showdown is endless here,

under the burning sun.

as eyes roll toward me now,

i will drop my gun.
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