Lyrics to So High
So High Video:
[Danny Brown:]
Dutch guts in the cup of my sweet tea
Me and yay dow our blunts in the b.p
Hoes deepthroat till there eyes get wattery
Ours stay red cause we blow boxes hourly
Don't give a fuck like impotency
And everywhere I go these bitches tend to notice me
Fuck these hoes though, I'm for the salary
And apple bottoms like mackbook batteries
They say that life hard, compared to what though
Cause every day could be your last so we get smoke
I'm wax sound I'm white when it comes to the snow
White bitches snorting coke in the condo
Overlook the city, sipping murlow
On the balcony, riding on my dick slow
Give my neighbours cross the street a fucking freak show
And I stay with them quarters like a peepshow

[Chorus x2: Danny Brown]
I dunno know
What, who, where, when, why
But nothing you can do can blow my high
If you wanna see us look up in the sky
Were never coming down we are parallel to fly

[Break: Tony Yayo]
It's hard to settle down when you meet a girl every night
Got the crucifix blunts 3 ways make sure it light
Casue I'm high with my people, smoking out in rio
Bring my brother piss to my p.o
Your ants out my leer jet window
Jaguar with a cougar blowing indo

My p.y.t she wrote for me, pretty young thing yo
I roll this up for the homies in the bing yo
Broke niggaz hate looking fiend out
I'm in amsterdam, red light, green house
Hawaiian snow got more crystals than a chandellier
I'm paranoid I wish I had my pistol here
It's like every other weekend were out in dubai
Stamp the passport write my name in the sky
I'm so high, so high, so high
My outfit is so fly, so fly, so fly, so fly
I got the hermeez out the box
Urk me I pull the glock
Now homie got the doc
Trying to revive his heart
Condo blowing in shorty place
Dog high blowing smoke in the yorkie face
Violence and violent weed
Dead beat dad shit cause you don't see your seed

[Chorus x2]

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