Lyrics to So Happy
So Happy Video:
So Happy You know, you're the most beautiful thing I could dream of. And is it true, I am the one you were hoping to find? The smell of your skin, the love we are living are driving me almost insane. The way that i feel is sincere. I want you to know That I'm so happy, I could cry. So happy, I could die in your arms tonight. And you're so pretty. Darling you're so pretty, Want to die In your arms tonight. This must be the garden of eden, It seems to be heaven. When we knocked on its door, An angel came to let us in. Don't tell me we have to belive in one day, Don't tell me this all could be ending. Today is a beautiful day, I don't wannna know Cause I'm so happy ... Is it a dream? Can we speak true? I already knew it from the start, You came to take my heart And I Would give it all again. And I'm so happy ...

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