Lyrics to So Good Afternoon
So Good Afternoon Video:
i think i'll try my luck at flo and normandieand have some dude beat the living crap out of mehe haunts me, he taunted meand i just found out he's been set i'll go and tell my girlfriend i think she's uglywe've had a few kids and she's getting kinds pudgyi'll tease her, i'll please her,then i'm gonna leave herand i'll go and find me a new girl until she bugs me.because they know i want you, know i need you,no i won't go a day without youand only you can know what you're doing to good afternoon.i think i'll go and take my snake down for animal testingwhere they lay me down and inject me while i'm resting.they starve me, carve me, stitch me up,and when i wake up with cancer - they give me their and i, we shine and i feel you coming down my good afternoon.i like to get laid so i became a musicianand i'm an expert in humanity by my own admission -i'm kind, i'm signed, i'm a legend in my own mindand i'll tell you i'm god herself if you promise to promised.

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