Lyrics to So Far Out
So Far Out Video:
If it wasn't so hard to deviate from you
We'd share the experience of what we out each other through
So much to be said on opposing points of view

So far gone
So far away
We can't see past to find some other way

I remember how time flies when I spend my time with you
Your three hands start to surround me with all the things you say and do
You think you've found your happy hunting ground
Toss out the semantics of what you can't spell out

So far gone
So far out
We can't connect on what this one's all about

And I wonder
Seeing I'm worthless and all
Can you see through me and then detect all my flaws?

You can't just override my say
You can't just override my day
I guess I'll appease you and everything will be ok
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