Lyrics to So Easy
So Easy Video:
Now I don't mean to be offensive
But your brain's not that expensive
That's okay with me
Your trash can mentality
Makes good for small talkology
I don't think I'm leaving

Now it seems so catastrophic
But oh well
Mom said to never play with matches

[Chorus I]
You make it easy
You make it so easy

Now I thought I'd seen it all
And I guess I'm still in shock
It's kind of sleazy
But when I look at your face
I see that saving grace
I get so weak in the knees


[Chorus II]
You make it so damn easy
You know it feels kind of frightening
You make it so damn easy
You know you come on like the lightning

So when I come a knockin' on your back door
You better let me in 'cause I want more baby
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