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Lyrics to So-So Gigolo
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If you got the looks and if you got the goods,
I suppose you could make it anywhere.
You wanna get made and you wanna get made.
My model agent says 'you gots to get paid,
You got a special gift you just can't give it away for free
No, dont give it up for free.'
And when my daddy calls,
Asking how it's going on them streets
All i can say is i'm not exactly a salesman,
I'm sure there's a product i'm selling.
Guess you could say I'm an actor.
But acting's that's not what they're after
No not quite.
Sure your services are popular here,
More popular than acting or a modeling career.
This city has quite the service industry.
Small town adonis hits the metropolis,
Brought down to his knees.
Guess i'm a so-so gigolo.
So-so gigolo.
Every audition my agent commisions,
Isn't so much an audition so much as a....job!
I guess a job's a job.
I thought if they just saw how bad I wanted the part
The very least they'd have to take pity on me.
Hey, a working city is never hurt.
So-so gigolo.
I'm not exactly a salesman,
Sure there's a product i'm selling.
Guess you could say i'm an actor...
But acting's not what they're after
Songwriters: Kasher, Tim / Maginn, Matthew Ryan / Schnase, Clint Frederick / Stevens, Ted James
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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