Lyrics to Snowblind
I'm snowblind,
Looking at you,
Let me melt a while in your company,
I unwind in your rapture,
I'm an overture to your symphony,

Time makes time,
A memory between us,
Am I still impossible to read?

While the whole world was looking at you,
You came and wrapped yourself around me.

You feel the sun,
A work in progress,
I'm so far away from where I wanna be,
You stole my heart,
But my madness,
Is taking the man right out of me,

You said, we could have been so good together,
I complicate so easily

While the whole world was looking at you,
You wrapped yourself around me.

So wonderful,
Feeling so vulnerable
You'll never know what you did to me,
Can't disguise,
I'm hiding behind my eyes,
You could've meant the whole world to me.

(Merci à Horan pour cettes paroles)
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