Lyrics to Snap
Snap Video:
Volume 8 B-side / Inside Out Japanese single

No, there are no easy answers
To sum up the problems which we face
History's a lesson, let us learn by our mistakes
Just don't expect to make sense
Out of all you see
For I can tell you now that
Knowing is believing

So if you'd open your mind you might understand
You're the vistim of a big time government scam
And though you may not be inclined to believe
The man behind the desk does get paid to deceive

You live in your little dream world
You're much too cool to care
I really have to warn you
I think it's only fair
They await the final hour
As happy as they are sick
Laughing so hysterically
At all of those who they've tricked

But then who am I to tell you who to believe in
When all the masks they seem so damn deceiving?
How can I say to you "You be free!"
That would never bring about mass anarchy
Now, would it?!?
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