Snake Skin Lady Lyrics

Robert Forster

Warm Nights

Lyrics to Snake Skin Lady
Snake Skin Lady Video:
Why must I see
Why must I see

Walk the streets smell the grass
coming out of the homes as I pass
people high on grass

There was a girl we didn't know
she used to come to early shows
she was someone we didn't know

Why must I see
Why must I see

She used to dance on her own
she had friends but she danced alone
she had these friends

All alone on the floor
the bands would play 1-2-3-4
and it was hot at the door

Why must I see
Why must I see

She had these pants made of skin
imitation snake I think that is where they'd been
she had these pants

I walked outside and as she went past
The familiar smell Queensland grass
People high on grass
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