Lyrics to Snake Em
Snake Em Video:
Tie one on and on
Lines are drawn
Oh the road is long but I been gone
Even longer
Poison's only
Getting stronger
And it's lonely in the time of the monsters
Oh the night is coming down
The road just winds around
One night in town that's all we need
Take a bow, get on your knees
We tore down the world
Called it a war
A blood-sport for short
Call it what you will
But just lay still as the sound of the first assault cradles you to sleep
Sleep of the dammed, god damn it man
We play for keeps
Now is the time snake em till they die
Snarling then collision ever so proficient
Catering and tripping through the fires of attrition
Choke on, your last words
Broke down, in the dirt
Nobody move
Still everyone gets hurt
Well well well it seems I've struck a nerve
The dark horse rides again into oblivion
I'd rather meet the end dripping in sin
Smile on my face, bottle in hand
Staggering into the Promised Land
Come join me now....
We've fallen fast asleep at the wheel
Hell is hot on our heels
I'm not an animal
But you gone and forced my hand, to seek revenge
The best I can do, dull the pain for you
A poor man's saving grace, a bottle and a pill to chase
The sunset like John Wayne
Betrayed by snakes
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