Lyrics to S.m.y.d.
S.m.y.d. Video:
Autonomy has too many downsides and I don't have enough dependencies.
I've built myself a wall out of false confidence and now it's too big for me to climb over.
I knew what I was doing. I knew my façade would decay,
but assistance brings obligation and my independence has denied me any help.

Now I'm trapped by my own liberation.
I'm forlorn despite my righteous surroundings.
I know I'm not alone, and I don't seek anyone's sympathy.
I never said I was special.
but I've gone with the flow and the flow has lead me to a tragic,
blind alley where self-proclaimed bohemians claim to be content
with their shortcomings and preach from a book of failures and falsehoods.
I've sought simplicity only to find more holes in the equation.
I've followed the iconoclasts only to conform to the very thing they detested.
I'm lost...
I've been lost... and I'm exhausted.
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