Smoke In The Shadows Lyrics

Lydia Lunch

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Lyrics to Smoke In The Shadows
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Close the curtains
Don't answer the phone
Got an unlisted number
Your address is unknown
Yeah you can leave town
But I won't leave you alone
Try star 69'ing me baby
Ain't nobody home
I smoke in the shadows
I breathe like a ghost
You sleep with the lights on
Do you think you're alone?
Knife under your pillow
Hands around your throat
Am I hurting you baby?
Try kicking this love jones
Shooting it up it didn't save you
Drinking it up it only numbed you
Scratchin' the itch ain't gonna stop this
Ain't in a bitch the way I got you
Running to daddy he can't help you
Praying to Jesus didn't save you
Calling on Shiva, did he hear you?
Summon a witch she can't protect you
Locking the door it didn't hide you
Cocking the gun it didn't scare me
Calling the popo didn't hide you
Restrating oreder didn't stop me
Pull down the shade I'll still be peeping
Open your closet catch me creeping
Gets me so hot to watch your panic
Cease and desist just make me manic
Loving you baby is a sickness
Like jacking up on angel dust
Got me so doped with your sex magick
Now I'm lusting for your blood
Don't hang up, don't hang up on me
Does this sound like a f*cking threat?
You know the only way you're living me baby
Is in the trunk of a car
Don't... don't... don't make me do it!
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